Interview with Chris Madden (Floor)

NFTs: Past, Present, and Future

Lisa Xu
2 min readSep 13, 2022

On the latest Crypto Driven, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Maddern, co-founder and CEO of Floor. Floor is a mobile app that aims to make NFTs more accessible and understandable. Floor offers NFT portfolio tracking, real-time price alerts, live activity for collections, and multi-wallet support, and recently launched some highly anticipated new features including discovery, search, and collection tracking.

Floor launched in October 2021 and has since raised an $8M Series A from 6th Man Ventures, B Capital, Worklife Ventures, Collab+Currency, Hannah Grey,, Exponent Capital, Eberg Capital and others.

During our conversation, Chris shared his perspective on:

  • what caused the NFT boom of 2021
  • communicating Floor’s long term value proposition in a space full of speculation
  • the emergence of new categories of utility tokens (membership, software access, real estate, etc.)
  • why today’s homogeneous term “NFT” will become outdated as NFTs transform into multiple things that solve user problems
  • how Floor has maintained its strong community engagement through the bear market
  • building for current vs. future user bases and the role of Floor in a verticalized market
  • what he thinks will bring NFTs out of the bear market

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