Interview with Ian Lee (Syndicate)

Democratizing Investing with Web3 Technology

  • how Syndicate is using web3 technology to transform the world of investing
  • how different types of organizations and communities are using Syndicate to enter the investing ecosystem for the first time
  • why investing is both a financial and social network
  • why social networks in web3 will have fundamentally different interactions than in web2
  • how Syndicate’s new protocol (ERC-721M) evolves with communities over time and is composable with other web3 technologies
  • how investing in the future will be about not just capital, but also people, communities, networks, time, and expertise
  • Syndicate’s long-term approach to value creation and value capture



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Lisa Xu

VC @FirstMark investing in early stage startups | former homes: Handy, Peloton, Bain & Company, Wharton